AmCham Haïti Fair on Energy

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AmCham will be hosting, via its Energy Committee, a fair with the objective of informing the public on different aspects of Electrical Energy in Haiti.  The event will be held at the E-Power Production plant in Drouillard, on September 16 and 17.

The purpose of the event is to bring together key industry players to share best practices and ideas focusing on an electrical energy efficient future for Haiti.  In addition, there will be conferences as well as exhibition tents where the exhibitors will display their products and present their services to the participants.

Objective: To educate Haiti towards a more energy efficient future


The energy sector is broad and covers all forms of energies such as:

– wood

– liquid gases (LPG)

– petroleum

– renewable energies


Haiti is currently using the following forms of Energies:

– wood burning (charcoal)

– electrical energies

– hydropower

– petroleum/liquid gases

– renewable energies