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Amcham Haiti has several Committees that enable our Members to meet on specific sectors on subjects. Through our Committees, Amcham Haiti has about 35% of its Members actively participating in our monthly meetings, looking to solve issues affecting  a specific sector. The Committees advise the Board on key actions to take, which are then voted by the Board. Each Committee has a Chairman which is voted by the Members of the Committee following our General Assembly and Elections held in the 1st Quarter each year.

If you are interested in joining a Committee or creating a new Committee, please contact Tarah B. Perrault at


The mission of the Construction Committee is to promote the construction sector by proposing and fostering the appropriate legal framework to facilitate investments in real estate projects, and to ensure a responsible development of the sector while complying with international building norms and procedures.  The Committee also works on facilitating training seminars and scholarships through vocational schools in the sector.

  • Chairperson: Francky Louis, ABC Solutions 1.2.3
  • Vice-Chair: Kisha Terry Boucard


  • Robert Excellent, FME Equipment
  • Jude Alain Kébreau, Internegoce S.A.
  • Greg Figaro, Arcotec
  • Guilaine Victor, Miyamoto International
  • Fabrice Nzodoum, Geotechsol
  • Christelle Vaval, Cabinet Salès
  • Fedna Delerme, KayXpert
  • Cyril Jean-Baptiste , Charles Engineering

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The CSR Committee promotes CSR activities within our membership and with the private sector in Haiti. The CSR Committee also focuses on having a better grasp on CSR activities done by AmCham membership by sector and by region to build on synergies and assist SME’s in getting involved with CSR.

  • Chairperson: Jean-Philippe Boisson, Comme Il Faut
  • Vice-Chair: Thony Moïse, SOFIHDES


  • Gilbert Gonzales, REBO
  • Alexandre Dominique, UniBank
  • Sophia Joseph Riboul, CINA
  • Laurent Saint-Cyr, AIC
  • Katia Brezault, Lesly Center
  • Daphnée Charles, HELP
  • Déborah Stark , Citibank
  • Vanessa H. Degraff, Marriott Port-au-Prince
  • Grégory Morissette, EGM Strategy and Management


The Diaspora Committee works on promoting actions that stimulate sustainable economic growth in Haiti through productive investments and trade from the diaspora business community. The Committee has gathered a database of all the main Haitian American Chambers and Associations in order to assist diaspora investors in match-making with private sector companies in Haiti.

  • Chairperson: Vanessa H. Degraff , Marriott Port-au-Prince
  • Vice-Chair : Régine René-Labrousse , La Perle S.A.


  • Laurent Saint-Cyr, AIC
  • Anne-Christine Fouchard, Anndex/Fedex
  • Christelle Vaval, Cabinet Salès
  • Almiracle Saint-Fort, Global Home and Office Smart S.A.
  • Michael Lemke, Enmarcolda
  • Marceau Jude Edouard, Lawyer
  • Sacha Perez , Karibe Hotel
  • Ludwig Leblanc, Cabinet Leblanc

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee’s focus is to recruit new members and serve current members by organizing events and seminars as well as promoting a better visibility of the institution through marketing materials, our website, and using social media. The committee also received the mandate from the 2013 Board to promote and facilitate trade events.

  • Chairperson : N/A
  • Vice-Chair: Sacha Perez, Karibe Hotel


  • Laurent Saint-Cyr, AIC
  • Almiracle Saint-Fort, Global Home and Office Smart S.A.
  • Francky Louis, ABC Solutions 1.2.3.
  • Vanessa Heyliger-Degraff , Marriott Port-au-Prince
  • Marceau Jude Edouard , Lawyer

Public Affairs Committee

The Public Affairs Committee has been created to help foster stronger relations with governmental institutions. This Committee analyzes policies and legislation that have a direct impact on the business environment. In addition, it assists AmCham to better communicate its positions to a wider audience and to better structure its advocacy efforts.

  • Chairperson: Guilaine Victor, Miyamoto International
  • Vice-Chair : Christelle Vaval , Cabinet Salès


  • Almiracle Saint-Fort, Global Home and Office Smart
  • Cédric Bouquety , Sol Petroleum
  • David Deslances , CINA
  • Francky Louis, ABC Solutions 1.2.3.
  • Marceau Jude Edouard , Lawyer