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How can I import goods into Haiti?
The best contact for someone to import goods into Haiti is a good customs broker. They assist you with all documents necessary to import goods and prevent a situation for the goods to be stuck at the port or airport. Customs Brokers are accredited by the customs agency (AGD) and they have a list on their website.

How can I hire someone for my company in Haiti?
Hiring someone in Haiti may be challenging, but there are resources that can assist you such as websites that focus on finding jobs, and recruiters based locally.

What are the procedures to export to the US?
For exporting goods to the US, a good customs broker will be your best asset in having all the right documentation. In addition, you must be aware of requirements by the Federal and Local government, and by Agencies based on the products entering the US such as FDA, as an example.

What are the tariffs for exporting or importing goods?
The Customs Agency (AGD) has the tariffs for goods entering and leaving the country. It is a large document but available for those that need this information.

How long does it take and cost to set up a company in Haiti?
The cost varies based on the type of company, the law firm, and sector that the company will be involved in. Usually a company can be set up in 30 to 90 days, but all your documents in the US or other country must be in order, deal with the right law firm and accounting firm since they are both involved in helping you with creating a company. In addition you can also contact the Center for Investment Facilitation (CFI) to assist you in communicating with the different government agencies.

How can I buy land or property in Haiti?
In order to buy land or property, your best support is a notary that is accredited for the region where you are buying the land. A notary based in Les Cayes cannot assist you in buying land in Port-au-Prince. Inform yourself before hiring a notary. You should also have a good law firm to assist you in the transaction. There is a notary association in Haiti that can guide with the best notaries by region. For property, you can also rely on real estate agents if you want to buy or rent property.

How do I obtain a work permit?
Obtaining a work permit is necessary for foreign nationals that work in Haiti for more than 90 days. This permit is obtained through the Immigration Office but an accounting firm can assist you in the process.

How do I find factory space for lease at SONAPI?> What are my other options?
For factory space, the initial step is to contact SONAPI for space in Parc Industriel Metropolitain (PIM) and for Parc Industriel Caracol (PIC). There are other parks with factories and spaces for lease but this is not with the Haitian government.

How do I resolve conflict with my employees?
If you company or factory has issues with employees, you have to contact the Ministry of Social Affairs for assistance. If it is a factory that is exporting goods under the Hope Bill and Help Act, you can contact the Ombudsman with the CTMO Hope Commission.