US VISA Renewals

Amcham Haiti works in coordination with the US Consulate to assist our Members with Visa Renewals to the US. For Members that are applying for a Visa for the first time, you must contact the US Consulate directly:
1) email:
2) telephone: (509) 229 8000

For more information about Visas, please click here to access the US Embassy website.

US VISA Renewals
Under an agreement with the US Consulate in early 2012, Amcham Haiti can assist its Members with US Visa Renewals only. The Visa Renewal Program is for Amcham Members and their employees.

Visas eligible to be renewed are Non Immigrant Visas (NIV) that have expired within 1 year. Applicants that have a Visa that expired for more than 1 year must apply directly with the US Consulate. We cannot assist applicants that need Visas to attend a funeral, wedding, baptism, graduation. We focus on applicants that will travel for business purposes only. For Members that are seeking a student Visa for a family Member, you must contact the US Consulate directly.

The Process takes 7 days (from Monday to Monday) once the application is received at Amcham. The cost for our Members is $50 per application in addition to costs paid to Sogebank.

The Applicant has to submit the following documents:
• Passport
• Expired US Visa (in passport)
• Recent photo
• Proof of payment to Sogebank
• Check of $50 made under AmCham Haiti
• Letter by employer on letterhead
• Old passport

The US visa request is submitted to the US Consulate every Monday, Once approved, you will receive your documents the following Tuesday at Amcham Haiti. If that Monday is a holiday, the Visa will be available on the following working day.

For additional information about this process, please contact Amcham Haiti at (509) 2940-3024 or by email at