Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility

The CSR Committee promotes CSR activities within our membership and with the private sector in Haiti.  The CSR Committee also focuses on having a better grasp on CSR activities done by AmCham membership by sector and by region to build on synergies and assist SME’s in getting involved with CSR.

Chairperson:  Jean-Philippe Boisson, Comme Il Faut

Vice-Chair: Thony Moïse, SOFIHDES


Gilbert Gonzales, REBO

Alexandre Dominique, UniBank

Sophia Joseph Riboul, CINA

Laurent Saint-Cyr, AIC

Katia Brezault, Lesly Center

Daphnée Charles, HELP

Déborah Stark , Citibank

Vanessa H. Degraff, Marriott Port-au-Prince

Grégory Morissette, EGM Strategy and Management