The mission of the Construction Committee is to promote the construction sector by proposing and fostering the appropriate legal framework to facilitate investments in real estate projects, and to ensure a responsible development of the sector while complying with international building norms and procedures.  The Committee also works on facilitating training seminars and scholarships through vocational schools in the sector.

Chairperson: Francky Louis, ABC Solutions 1.2.3

Vice-Chair: Kisha Terry Boucard


Robert Excellent, FME Equipment

Sophia Joseph Riboul, CINA

Jude Alain Kébreau, Internegoce S.A.

Greg Figaro, Arcotec

Guilaine Victor, Miyamoto International

Fabrice Nzodoum, Geotechsol

Christelle Vaval, Cabinet Salès

Fedna Delerme, KayXpert

Cyril Jean-Baptiste , Charles Engineering