The CTMO Hope Commission has for mission to support growth of new assembly and production in the textile sector. The Commission revised the Minimum Wage Law in October 2013 which was signed by all Members of the Commission and the Minister of Social Affairs. Philippe Saint-Cyr was nominated by Amcham’s Board in May 2012 to join the CTMO Hope Commission.

Guy-Olivier Jeanty, Chairman


Cadre Intégré Renforcé (CIR) – COMCIR

The COMCIR Commission was created in March 2013 by the Ministry of Commerce to tighten relationship beetween the Public and Private Sector, to instill commerce as the backbone of Governement Policy, to support economic growth and development, and to facilitate trade and investments. Daniel Jadotte was nominated by the Amcham Board in October 2013 as a member of the COMCIR Commission.

Daniel Jadotte, Chairman


Conseil Supérieur des Salaires (CSS)

Conseil Supérieur des Salaires (CSS) was established in August 2013 to support social security system of workers in Haiti. The Comission is composed of representatives from the public and private sector. Jean Dany Pierre-François was nominated by the Amcham Board in June 2013 to sit on the CSS Commission Board.

Jean Dany Pierre-François, Chairman


Forum Economique du Secteur Privé (FESP)

The “Forum Economique du Secteur Privé” is an umbrella of major Chambers of Commerce, Associations and large companies in Haiti. The “Forum Economique du Secteur Privé” was created to bring together all the formal Private Sector under one umbrella for a stronger and united private sector voice. As President of Amcham, Philippe R. Armand is automatically a Member of the Board of FESP.

Philippe R. Armand, Chairman