AmCham Haiti welcomes The Public Affairs Committee

aclafortune June 7, 2016 0
AmCham Haiti welcomes The Public Affairs Committee

AmCham Haiti, with the desire of better serving you, welcomes its new addition: “Public Affairs Committee”


The Public Affairs Committee was created to better structure relations with government institutions.  The committee will analyze policies and legislation that have a direct impact on the business environment.  The Committee will assist AmCham to better communicate their positions to a wider audience and to better structure its advocacy efforts with the government.

  1. Communication:

The PA Committee will maintain relations with government officials and institutions to share factual information on issues pertinent for fair trade and to nurture a competitive Haitian private sector.

The PA Committee will draft messages and prepare Press Releases on AmCham’s positions on issues that are relevant to the Private Sector, and particularly to AmCham Members.

  1. Advocacy

AmCham will address laws and policies that have an impact on the business environment.  The committee will advocate positions, not concerns for an individual member.  The committee will also include officials at AmCham events to facilitate dialogue with interested members.

This committee is composed of :

          Regine R. Labrousse, BRANA

          Carl Momplaisir, Digicel

          Gibert Gonzales, REBO

          Daniel Jadotte, Ceramex

–          Almiracle Saint-Fort, Global Home & Office Smart

We encourage members to bring forth any concerns in regards to current and potential legislation and its impacts on the business environment, as well as concerns with government institutions and officials.  Please do so by emailing or calling the AmCham office at 2811 9092.

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